PALNI’s Instructional Technology Steering Group’s 2018 Action Items

In recent years, the areas of instructional technology and librarianship have moved closer together and even have begun to overlap. With several PALNI institution LMS systems being supported by the library, conversations began to determine how best to leverage the power of PALNI. As a result of these conversations and the need for deep collaboration beyond PALNI libraries, the Instructional Technology Steering Group was formed and began its work in May of 2017 (Statement of Work). Members include:

Rebecca Johnson [chair], Virtual Instruction & Emerging Technologies Librarian, Manchester University
Noah Brubaker, PALNI Assistant Director
Amanda Hurford, PALNI Scholarly Communications Director
Carla Harper, Instructional Designer, University of Indianapolis
Diane Randall, Library Director, University of Saint Francis
Larry Stoffel, Director of Information Technology Services, Franklin College
Erin Milanese, Head of Learning Technologies, Goshen College

The group has spent the last 7 months crafting an action items plan for 2018 and developing a network of librarians, instructional designers, information technologists, and others working in areas of instructional technology. Our work to date has included the following:

  • Held Kick-off Instructional Technology Summit, March 2017
  • Held Advisory Group in-person meeting, July 2017
  • Updated PALNI Skills Inventory: updated to include skills related to instructional technology, information technology, and instructional design as we welcome non-library members to our PALNI community
  • Established a core instructional technology advisory group
  • Developed Task Forces
    • LMS Evaluation Task Force, Carla Harper [chair]
    • Affordable Education Initiatives (AEI) Task Force, Amanda Hurford [chair]
    • Instructional Technology Tools Task Force [under development]
    • Online & Blended Course Assessment Task Force [under development]
  • Participated in the PALNI-funded Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate Virtual Conference
  • Began investigation of consortial purchasing opportunities with Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI): For example, TurnItIn, Articulate, Quality Matters, etc.
  • Drafted a “Best Practices in Online/Blended Meeting Facilitation” document

Looking to the new year, there are many areas of work that the Steering Group would like to focus on. Each item directly ties into the overarching PALNI Strategic Plan and initiatives.

2018 Action Items:

Strategic Initiative: Enhance Deep Collaboration Within PALNI

  • Explore collaborative vetting and support for instructional technology tools
  • Determine the feasibility of a shared LMS and complete a needs assessment and evaluation of LMS systems [in progress]
  • Assess the feasibility of shared staffing options for LMS and instructional technology support across PALNI

Strategic Initiative: Support and Enhance Library and Institutional Missions

  • Determine best practices in online/blended course assessment¬† in regards to instructional technology, design standards, compliance and quality measures
  • Determine best practices for training and support for instructional technology tools [RIO collaboration opportunity]
  • Determine best practices in accessibility (i.e. disability captioning, etc.)
  • Determine copyright and fair use expertise and resource identification for use in an instructional design setting
  • Determine best practices in online/blended course assessment in regards to instructional technology, design standards, compliance and quality measures
  • Collaborate with PALNI’s Development Coordinator to explore LTI course reading/resources tool development options

Strategic Initiative: Support and Strengthen Libraries’ Ability to Communicate Relevance and Value to Stakeholders Within, Among, and Outside PALNI

  • Complete a needs assessment to determine the need and feasibility for a PALNI Instructional Technologist position

The Steering Group would like to thank you for your support and continued participation as we continue our work. If you are interested in being a part of the Instructional Technology Tools or the Online/Blended Course Assessment Task Forces, contact Rebecca Johnson.

For a full list of action items, consult this link.