Task Force Volunteers Needed

PALNI’s Instructional Technology Steering group is in the process of forming 2 NEW! Task Forces as we kick off 2018. We’re looking for volunteers on a first come, first served basis, so if you have interest in either area mentioned below, please send your interest to Rebecca Johnson (rejohnson@manchester.edu). Our hope is to have a first meeting either at the end of January or beginning of February. Many thanks for your continued support of our work!

PALNI Instructional Tools Task Force – Proposed February – June Timeline
This task force is charged with developing a collaborative process to assess and document instructional technology tools using commonly defined criteria for PALNI campuses and provide a clearinghouse for materials created. Work will include:

  • Defining parameters to identify instructional technology tools to be assessed (i.e. pedagogical application, functional and technical support, implementation, fees, etc.)
  • Defining a tool assessment process with consideration to the above
  • Developing documentation standards/templates for assessment data, user education, and use cases
  • Creating a clearinghouse portal from which materials can be managed and disseminated

PALNI Course Assessment Task Force – Proposed February – June Timeline
This task force is charged with identifying key course measures, developing a rubric or other assessment instrument, establishing a collaborative process for assessment, and providing resources for support and implementation available to all PALNI institutions. Work will include:

  • Identifying key course measures to determine what will be more effective in a shared environment
  • Developing a rubric or other assessment instrument that can be shared and adapted to individual campus contexts
  • Establishing a collaborative process for assessment which can be shared, replicated, or conducted in conjunction with other PALNI institutions
  • Providing resources for support and implementation such as guides, best practices, tools, or direct support
  • Hosting webinars and beginning to work with other PALNI institutions directly